Legal & Tax and Financial


Commercial and Business
  • Company Law.
  • Commercial Contracting.
  • Business Restructuring.
  • Corporate Governance.
  • Shareholder Agreements.
  • Legal Adviser.
  • Family Protocols.
  • Insolvency and Creditors.
The professionals of the commercial field of Área Global Abogados & Consultores provide full and continuous legal advice to our clients, maintaining a direct and constant relationship with them.
Our experience with an eminently practical business vision allows us to offer a consultancy which adapts and develops with our client’s company, collaborating in its development, providing effective support which aids decision making, through the active execution of concrete proposals which go beyond a simple opinion.
  • Obligations and Contracts.
  • Extracontractual Liability.
  • Civil Cases.
  • Competition.
  • Property.
  • Mediation.
Área Global Abogados & Consultores has a team of professionals with wide experience in all fields of private law, assisting clients at both a judicial and extrajudicial level before this extensive area of law.
  • Contracting.
  • Modification of working conditions.
  • Collective redundancy proceedings; suspension of contracts and/or reductions in working hours.
  • Contract expirations and individual dismissals, etc.
  • Actions against Public Administrations (UMAC Labour Office, Labour Inspectorate, TGSS, etc.).
  • Contesting settlement and liquidation acts.
  • Conciliation procedures.
  • Requesting deferrals and subdivisions, etc.
  • Intervention before social jurisdiction in all cases.
  • Advice for workers.
The professionals in the labour field are specialised in Labour Law and Social Security, advising on all that concerns labour relations between the company and the employee, always seeking the continuous training of our lawyers in labour legislation.
  • Public Sector Contracts.
  • Consultancy to Administrations.
  • Administrative and Contentious-Administrative Proceedings.
  • Urbanism.
The administrative law field provides consultancy on disputes both to public sector entities and private clients in the different areas of Public Law.
  • Economic crime.
  • Corporate crime.
  • Crimes against the Administration.
  • Crimes against individuals.
  • Criminal responsibility of legal persons.
  • Civil liability derived from the offence.
Área Global Abogados & Consultores’ specialists in the penal field are qualified to offer a solution to all legal issues, doubts and queries which the client may pose in a fast, efficient manner.

Tax and Financial

Tax Consultancy
  • Tax planning.
  • Special consolidation tax regime.
  • Related operations.
  • Tax resources.
  • International taxation.
  • Defence in case of tax inspection.
Área Global Abogados & Consultores is specialised in tax analysis and optimisation of operations and companies, in the presentation and payment of any tax, extrajudicial and judicial consultancy in conflicts and inspections from the Administration.
Business Consultancy
  • Consultancy in the business restructuring process.
  • Business plans.
  • Due Diligence.
  • Establishment of internal management control systems.
In their daily operations, and when taking on new challenges, companies need professional advice. Área Global Abogados & Consultores is specialised in offering this type of service to companies.
Finance and Banking Law
  • Commercial consolidation.
  • Creation of annual accounts.
  • International regulations.
  • Budget control.
  • Claims against banking entities, institutions and public bodies.
  • Application for the declaration of invalidity of financial products (swaps, preference shares, subordinates, structured bonds, etc.).
  • Application for the declaration of invalidity of unfair contract terms (floor clauses, default interest, etc.)
At Área Global Abogados & Consultores, we provide consultancy to individuals and companies in legal matters which derive from the practices carried out by Banking Entities, and the serious damages which arise from said activity.

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